What’s the Mojo Impact Advantage?

Attract New Customer on Demand

Stop wasting time on lousy leads that go nowhere. Instead, use Mojo Impact’s special technologies to attract people ready, willing and able to buy from you right now.

Attract more customers

Keep Them Coming Back

Your existing customers are worth their weight in gold. They provide the three Rs of business: referrals, reviews and repeat business.

It’s 7 times less costly to retain an existing customer than to aquire a new one. Boosting your customer retention rates by as little as 5% can increase your profits by 5 to 95%

Boost customer loyalty

Value of an Existing Customer ingfographic

Get Found First

Customers are searching for your services online, but if they can’t find your business, you’re missing out! With Mojo Impact Web Services, you can be front and center on huge sites like Google and Facebook. Stay ahead of your competition by making sure that people find your business first!

Out perform the competition

* Customer, clients, patrons, patients… The people who make your business thrive.