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Most business owners do not have a strategy to grow a business. Nor do they have a plan to execute that strategy.

—Walter Wise
Strategic Advisor
BPI Strategy Group

Tell me: how do I grow my business when I’m too busy running it?

The Problem

Time. Or lack thereof. My parents were a small business owners. I vividly remember the long hours they worked to make their business successful.

Like my Dad, you too wear many hats. That means that finding the time to grow your business can be a challenge.

My Dad didn’t have to worry about search engine results, Google Ads or posting on Facebook. But today, an online presence is necessary to attract and keep a steady stream of customers.

But where do you find and extra 20 hours a week to do that?

The Solution

I started Mojo Impact in memory of my parents to help you with the mojo you need to leverage your marketing’s impact and take back the time you need to grow your business.

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