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Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

How to Maximize Your Marketing Efforts

There are three ways to boost revenue:

  1. Make More Money on Each Sale
    • Raise prices
    • Push upgrades and upsells
  2. Make More Sales
    • Get more visitors to your site or store
  3. Boost Your Conversion Rate
    • Close more of the prospects you have
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The Benefits and the Pitfalls

The first option gives you an instant revenue boost without monetary cost, but it will cost you customers who hate the higher prices and pushy sales staff.

The second requires that you spend more on marketing. Bear in mind your efforts must be efficient and effective or the poor ROI will eat any extra revenue.

The third, conversion rate optimization (CRO), is the most cost effective method bar none. The problem with this solution is that most businesses don’t know how to do it.

Why CRO Fails

Its a cold, hard marketing fact that at any given time only 3-5% of people with an interest in the products/services you offer are ready, willing and able to buy them.

Yet most businesses (yours?) treat every prospect the same, wasting time, money and good-will trying (and failing) to land the 97% who are not yet ready, willing and able to buy while missing the hot prospects who are begging to “seal the deal.”

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Why Marketing Fails

98.9% of the traffic that comes to your website leave without the courtesy of even introducing themselves. They quickly disappear without a trace of their visit, except perhaps a tiny blip on the Google Analytics report.

Shockingly, many companies are okay with this! In fact, most websites are designed to ensure that the traffic you’ve paid so much money to attract remain unknown.

The Solution

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Your Next Step