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What’s Mojo Impact All About?

Well, it’s really about you. That’s because we’re marketing consultants to the core. We’re focused on your best marketing results, so you can focus on the activities to grow your business.

We believe that your overall marketing strategy should be tailored to fit your company needs and goals, not ours. That’s why we work within your existing business processes to make your marketing work best for you.

About Mojo Impact Marketing Solutions

Mojo Impact is the identifying brand for Mojo Impact Marketing Solutions, a limited liability company.

Mojo Impact Marketing Solutions has been dedicated to helping businesses like yours thrive since 2012.

Mojo Impact Marketing Solutions is located in Sonoma, California. since 2012.

Mojo Impact People

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Scott Larsen
Scott Larsen is the managing partner of Mojo Impact Marketing Solutions. He begain his marketing career over twenty seven years for a personal growth training company. He has lived in Sonoma, California since the Johnson administration.

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Cyndi Palmquist

When you need something done and done right you turn to Cyndi

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